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Sammelbestellung? Big Grin

Glorfindel schrieb:[Bild: bfas.jpg]

"By Fire and Sword" Calendar 2016

Maybe we're not Pirelli company but this year we will also have our own beautiful calendar for 2016. It contains amazing illustrations from our game and it really, really wants to hang on the walls in your homes and workplaces.

[Bild: 1009927_1010040819039086_868057623449857...e=570C0C16]

[Bild: 12439087_1010040739039094_84998203747832...e=570A0488]

You may buy it in our webstore:

You may also get it for free if you place an order for at least 65 euro.

Please hurry up - we have only limited number of them!

"By Fire and Sword" Team
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"Armies of By Fire and Sword" soll woh lim Februar erscheinen Smile
козацької слави

Das sind gute Nachrichten! Da freue ich mich schon drauf!
"Mein Name ist Inigo Montoya. Du hast meinen Vater getötet. Jetzt bist du des Todes!"
Glorfindel schrieb:[Bild: bfas.jpg]

New sets in our online store - PRESALE

Here are new sets which will be available in our webstore from the 4th of February.

SWE-12 Swedish Skirmish Set (set includes new models of dragoons)

[Bild: 12524196_995912530480278_584587143588904...90d51e5163]

OTT-15 Azabs with Polearms

[Bild: 12642804_995912507146947_156746801881111...4c3bb3b8a0]

BRA-9 Brandenburgian High Command

[Bild: 12642889_995912457146952_103422974738478...3be93322a4]

KOZ-13 Cossack Wagon Train

[Bild: 12631384_995912453813619_725122304453669...abd4fe4ae1]

KOZ-14 Cossack Camp Master (limited)

[Bild: 12549014_995912437146954_771966962151613...134539af5e]

We made this set for those of you who already own enough wagon trains and don't want to buy whole Cossack Wagon Train set just to get one base of Camp master. Set is „one cast only” set and will not be re-released.
We would like to remind you also about our BFaS Calendar. You can also get him for free if you buy BFaS products for at least 65 euro.

[Bild: big_indeks.jpg?lm=1452860296]

"By Fire and Sword" Team
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Schöne Sachen, ich werde auf der Tactica einkaufen.  Rolleyes
Ich auch...
Die polnische Version von "Armies of By Fire and Sword" kann man im polnischen Shop schon vorbestellen. 30€. Für Kickstarter-Backer 50% Rabatt.
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"Armies of By Fire and Sword" hat übrigens 148 Seiten.
козацької слави

Für euch Osmanen, die auf die Tactica gehen Wink
Glorfindel schrieb:Today we would like to present you first set which will be released at the turn of February and March together with English version "Armies of By Fire and Sword"

It's a full-strength skirmish "Turkish garrison of Raszków in 1674" which rules can be found in "Armies of By Fire and Sword". This force allows you to use janissaries at Skirmish level and also contains a special miniature of Jusuf Pasha - commander of this skirmish force.

Set will be produced in limited quantity and will be available only in Wargamer's stores and during conventions we'll visit.

[Bild: 12715544_1026167200759781_11920267787184...fd1a7a060c]
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